Friday, March 9, 2012

Hot off the Press-Friday, March 9

Another week down.  Production is starting to get into high gear.  I was without internet for 3 days.  That can really put a damper on your regular work routine.  Really it should have made me more productive but I found other ways to waste my time.  So this is what I got done this week.

iPad Pouch.  I love, love, love these fabrics.  The gray and lime dot is so cute.

The Gray and Lime dot again.  I will using this a lot this Spring.

My gorgeous daughter, Lucy is the perfect model for my headband and flower clips.  

My new wristlet.  Love it.

And my new bag.  Perfect pocket on the outside for my cell phone.
Kids current craft.  Lucy was painting wet paper towels.  Cole painted the plate.

The kids' current addiction-Sonic the Hedgehog racing game.  Works on both the iPad and my phone so no fighting!!
Bags ready to be packed in a bin.

A bin almost full.

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  1. LOVE the gray and lime dots, Jill! So happy to have shared all of your talents with others this past weekend. I will keep sharing!