Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot off the Press-Friday, May 4

Wow May already.  Can't believe show season is already here.  Not sure I am ready for it.  This weekend is Art in the Park, Elmhurst.  A great show of 110 artist set in Wilder Park.  As long as the rain stays away it will be a great show.  I've been working on a new fabric/paint idea.  What do you think?

The base is a neutral duck cloth.  I put small washers on the fabric and spray painted using a fabric paint.  Then colored in a few of the circles with a fabric marker.

I like it!

Daisy Bags celebrated 8 years this week.  This is the original Daisy Bag with a photo of my first baby-Daisey.

The straps and frame of the bag was made from trim.  Not as sturdy as the ribbon I use now.

Inside the bag was a bunch of old business cards.  This was before I bought the Daisy Bags domain name.

Last bag for the day.  I love the new straw fabric but is a bear to work with.  This is a great compromise.  Fabric base with a XL straw pocket. 

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