Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hot off the Press-Friday, September 21

Just finished 3 back to back shows which really wasn't bad since my last show was July 15th.  Labor Day weekend Jason and I went to Milwaukee for the Third Ward Art Fair.  We had a great time eating lots of food and selling a few bags.  Love that area of Milwaukee.  The next weekend was Downer's Grove.  It was a show I added last minute and was well worth it.  Their downtown area is so cute.  Last weekend was Edward's Place in my home town of Springfield.  It was fun to see some of my old high school friends.  It was also a great show.
I decided to take Monday "off" and go fabric shopping.  Found lots of great fabric to keep me very busy for the next several weeks.

Can't wait for this show next weekend.  30 of my artist friends are coming together for a pop up at Helium on Ravenswood.  Same weekend as the Ravenswood Art Walk so there will be lots going on.

 A few bags I was working on this week.  The new green dot circle fabric and a gray heavy cotton.  Love it!

Medium Messenger with Flower  $75

Medium Messenger $65
Medium with Zipper $65

Shopper $70

iPad/Tablet Pouch $35, eReader Cover $30

XL Bitty Bags  $45  with Quilted flower $55

Close up of the quilted flower on the XL Bitty.

Wristlets: Basic $25, Gathered $30 and flower $35

Close up of the flower on the wristlet.

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