Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot off the Press-Friday the 13th!!

Well, I pretty much got NOTHING done this week.  Not really sure what I was doing.  Lots of researching online for fabrics and other fun things.  I did find and order new straw fabric for Spring and Summer bags. Can't wait to make some.  Since I did nothing, I don't have any pictures to show.  I will attach some links of things I am going to do next week.  It is like my own little Pinterest.

Lucy has a sock hop next Friday.  I bought pink felt to make her a poodle skirt using this tutorial.  I might actually get it done today and will add photos later.

I bought fabric to recover my dining room chairs.  Can't wait to do this.  Just need to find my staple gun.

My little sister is "finally" getting married.  Her bachelorette party is next Saturday.  I am in the process of making her a birdcage veil to wear.  It is ridiculous.  Two turtle doves holding rings sitting on a nest of feathers and wired beads.  Just need to attach the veil and hair clip.

The party has a Parisian theme.  I been stalking blogs and finding great ideas.

I promise to have pictures of finished project next Friday.  Dining room chairs, poodle skirt, finished veil and hopefully a few other fun things.  Have a great weekend!

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