Friday, March 23, 2012

Hot off the Press-Friday, March 23

Another week down.  I think that is how I start each Friday Hot off the Press.  The weeks fly by especially when it is gorgeous outside.  So strange for it to be 80 degrees in March.  We've been taking evening bike rides with the kids and loving it.  This weekend we will celebrate my sister getting married once again.  My parents wanted to have a local reception since she got married in Austin.  So we are headed to Springfield to my home church for a luncheon.  Really Jason and I get to drop the kids at my parents house and then run for our favorite restaurants.  Springfield has some really great local eats.  Mel-o-cream donuts and a Darcy's Pint Horseshoe are always on the top of our list.  Yum!!

Love this new messenger bag.  The combination of fabrics and design is perfect!

The circle pocket is so cute!

Lucy's wedding reception dress designed by Lottie Da Baby.  I made a Tie Shirt for Cole to match.  He refuses to wear a collared shirt so this is my compromise.  I think it is really cute.

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