Friday, April 20, 2012

Hot off the Press-Friday, April 20

My birthday was this week so I tend to slack off more than usual.  Had to go out and get some shopping done.  You know a girl always needs new shoes!  Not really sure what I did get done this week.  I am still working on getting a bitty bag that will convert into a hip sack.  I think I finally have it worked out in my head.  The strap will convert from a belt to a shoulder strap.  Below are a few photos of the Hippy Bitty with the old strap.  Really cute. 

Perfect size for a merimini, phone and keys.

I even added my little camera to it.

Jason made me Mussels in white wine sauce for my birthday.  They were really good.
A windy day hike with the family and Daisey.

Mickey Inspired backpack.  Modeled by Cole.

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